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Welcome To the World of ersan teknoloji

With an eye on the future, ersan teknoloji has established a farsighted corporate identity. The company wants to meet future expectations of customers in the field of Motor Control, Automation and Industrial Electronics with further advancement offering leading technologies on a global platform.

Today ersan teknoloji, a leading manufacturer offers various motor control products like AC Drive (also known as Variable Frequency Drive, VFD, Variable Speed Drive, VSD, Frequency Inverter and Frequency Converter), Soft Starters and Solar Inverter, etc.


We are in the business of developing green technology and manufacturing products in the field of Industrial Electronics for mutual benefit of our customers, our community and our stake holders.

Quality Policy

We are committed to comply with the requirements of the quality system, that we have created to make our products and services to satisfy our customers. To improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, we identify our QUALITY OBJECTIVES to guide us in up-gradation of our product technology, and the quality objectives are periodically reviewed for their suitability.

Corporate Quality Objectives

● Customer satisfaction commitment.

● Technological innovations in motor control.

● TQM with effective quality system.

● Holistic atmosphere for employees.